1. Animal Kingdom Facts (Number 1):

    Dolphins only come onto land to lay eggs and to vote.


  2. At the Edinburgh Festival, we heard the most Scottish laugh that we will ever hear.


  3. Boomerang = SMOOTH, FRESH, FULSOME

    A real song in real life for real people.

    Listening commences from the 8th of September…

    Photograph by Kathryn MacCorfarry Gray


  4. Photoshoot atop Calton Hill in Edinburgh


  5. On the way to the Edinburgh Festival on a train so full that people are standing on top of one another (there are three people perched atop the ticket inspector alone) and any toilet trip is shared with several people trying to eat their lunch and stay out of your way.


  6. Heather Peace Support Slot

    twin hidden are in the running for a major support slot at Th’O2 in British Oxford.

    Heather Peace and her team are going to make a final decision next week - they’ve already short listed us.

    Help us to justly, handsomely win by clicking on this very link and liking the page…



  7. twin hidden’s first show in Japan!

    Arthur and I (Matthew (Shribman)) were exploring the mountains near Nagoya, and the locals in the village we stayed in discovered that we’re in twin hidden, looked up our music, then (without asking us), set up a stage, invited the entire village, prepared a BBQ, fireworks etc. and told us we’d be playing a gig for them.

    So we did.


  8. A wonderful time had by all.


  9. iquitelikeegg:

    #6 don’t go near this guy’s fish - they’re all his.


  10. A parking ticket machine doing what it wants, because it can, because there’s no one around telling it what to do.