1. Muchas Gracias BBC Introducing for dubbing Boomerang our “unpredictable best”…

    15:47 - 22:50


  2. Is it good or bad…?


    Is it salted…?



  3. A brilliant critical analysis of the Scottish Referendum and the crucial role of twin hidden in the current political landscape.

    A thoroughly well argued piece.


  4. Could this be the uncrackable nut?


    The search continues…


  5. We’d barely begun to circumnavigate the globe this morning when… BOOMERANG.



  6. Boomerang is out today!

    Download it (calmly) on iTunes.

    Stream it (quietly) on Spotify.

    Download it (gently) on Bandcamp.

    Photograph by Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray


  7. Here it is, the slippery mess that is the first twin hidden VLÖG.

    (This is what we do with our time).


  8. Some Animal Kingdom facts (as taught by Shribman family members, over the years):

    Dolphins… only come on land to lay eggs and to vote.

    (More to follow)


  9. At the Edinburgh Festival, we heard the most Scottish laugh that we will ever hear.


  10. Boomerang = SMOOTH, FRESH, FULSOME

    A real song in real life for real people.

    Listening commences from the 8th of September…

    Photograph by Kathryn MacCorfarry Gray