1. Just 6 days to go before our last show of the summer!

    (in real life because half of us are going to Japan)

    We’re lead support at this weekend’s Best Kept festival…



  2. Here we are, just normal guys (and Kate and Philly (no guys (none of twin hidden actually in this photo))) filming the video for a new song we’re working on called Join Hands…


  3. Suggested cover art for a new single called ‘Join Hands’…




  4. #NakedRecordingSessionSelfie


  5. image

    The BBC filmed us playing their Introducing Live Lounge on Saturday night!

    (If you feel up to it, you can fill up your printer with A4, print out all 4,500 frames, and make a twin hidden flip book. We would be okay with that.)


  6. Single Review: Paper Unicorn // Twin Hidden


    Having seen what can be done in a little over two days with a glue stick and a whole lot of paper from indie-pop quintet Twin Hidden’s new video for their song ‘Paper Unicorn’, I would hardly blame anyone who, first time round, had simply marvelled at the culmination of the band’s skills in both origami and stop-motion photography rather than concentrating on the accompanying music.

    However, with your focus spread equally, this visual embodiment of the song’s story of companionship elegantly enhances the delivery of an already masterful creation far beyond merely ‘combining music and lyrics’ to paraphrase the band themselves.

    Read More

    A delicious review of our Paper Unicorn video…

    (Source: the-indie-pendent)


  7. This is it, the twin hidden Live Lounge on the BBC Radios.

    We’re scattered across the show like lumps of cookie dough in a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s.

    Click here within the next week to listen!

    1:04 - Rob Adcock claims “one of them is wearing a kimono”.

    8:47 - A Berry Bursts

    41:35 - Our live session (this is the juice).

    1:01:25 - Last snad of interview and a riddle.

    1:56:38 - Our mystery cover (Morning Has Broken (not Morning Has Broken)).


  8. twin hidden are live on th’BBC radios right now!



  9. This Saturday, we’ve been invited into the radio by BBC Introducing for their Live Lounge.

    For our cover, we’re thinking…

    a) Morning has broken (like the first morning)


    b) This tasty number

    We should make the most sensible choice…

    Which should we play?


  10. The first Paper Unicorn video review is in, and it’s a corker!